The name Avocado comes from the native word "aoacatl" or "ahuacatl" (Persea gratissima), is grown in regions with tropical weather, has valuable nutritional properties for their oil content and protein, in addition to its carbohydrate content , vitamins and minerals provides your body from 150 to 300 calories per 100g edible, it is the only fruit that has all the nutrients: carbohydrates (carbs), protidos (protein substances), lipids (substances fat), vitamins , minerals and water, in Spain, the main area of production is the Axarquia.


Avocado oil is obtained from fruit at its optimum ripeness by physical processes , to retain maximum fruit originating characteristics , obtaining a high quality product .

 It has the greatest wettability of all the natural plant essences.

a) In the cosmetics industry it is used as basis for the preparation of creams that lessen skin wrinkles , achieving greater elasticity in tissues. Also, have proven their effects in removing skin blemishes and benefits as protector of the sun.
b ) In the perfume industry is used as a carrier for essential oils.

c ) is obtained currently in pharmaceutical avocado oil vitamins "E" and " D " mainly .

d ) In the food used to be a rich supplement with ability to reduce cholesterol levels and stimulate hormone action .

e) In general industry is used as a fine lubricant in high precision machinery .

Has significant content of vitamin E.

Is highly revitalizing tissue , and retards the aging of the skin .

Contains vitamins A, C , D , E, B2 and B6.

Plant also contains linoleic acid , highly nutritious element generating flexibility and elasticity of the skin .

It is more vegetable oil wettability is known .

vitamin E
It is one of the main vitamins avocado oil , Antioxidant . neutralizes contaminants that come in contact with the skin , helping to maintain stable cell membranes . Free radical scavenger . Natural UV blocker preventing skin cancer .

vitamin A
( Retinol ) necessary for the health of the skin , in combination with vitamin E , revitalizing the skin , it is necessary for the formation of the hair and acts against skin infections , recommended against psoriasis , eczema and warts ( inflammatory disease skin , itching and hives) .

vitamin C
Antihistamine effect ( regulates allergic reactions ) . Effective in the healing of wounds and skin abrasions . Assistant burns . Useful detoxifying , antioxidant, plays an important role in the production of collagen.

vitamin D
Helps maintain the overall health of the skin. are pervasive, emollients and humectants vehicles.

vitamin B2
(Riboflavin ) Along with vitamin A helps control skin disorders , acts against eczema. It is an aid in the treatment of acne.

It works against dandruff and scalp preventing benefits seborrhea dermatitis.


- Stimulates and nourishes skin overnight.
- The skin will look smoother and smoother at dawn.
- The skin will regain lost elasticity by environmental assaults.
- Provides hair nutrients and humectants.
- Gives shine, softness and hair growth.
- Prevents oxidation of natural fats (seborrhea)
- Prevents hair loss.
- Prevents split ends.
- Magnifico treatment for damaged hair.
- Contains vitamins A, B, D and E major on sexuality.
- Protects skin from ultraviolet rays.

       Avocado oil is nourishing and moisturizing for the skin and hair, the hair is used , applying the oil directly on the hair , applying a continuous massage , for distribution throughout the hair , and once has achieved a perfect distribution of the oil on the hair , allowed as a mask for 15 minutes and then head shampoo usually use is rinsed , and the oil is easily anger , leaving hair with a higher strength, shine and volume , for this operation recommend natural oil such as avocado extract .
      This oil is also recommended for use in the cracks of heels give a good result , leaving the skin nourished and hydrated .
      Elbows , which is an area that also suffers assault, use refined avocado oil and lemon scented to make your application more friendly this application is done by rubbing on the skin directly , in all this oil can be used for all roughness to it on the skin, getting a soft , nourished and hydrated.
       For face and avoid dripping , use the cream that we made from virgin avocado oil with beeswax and orange flavor, leaving skin smooth and soft face.
       The avocado oil soap , made ​​by hand, and is used for cleaning and cleanliness of the skin.


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