Essential oils are mixtures of various chemical substances biosynthesized by plants , which give the characteristic smell some flowers , trees, fruits , herbs, spices , seeds and certain extracts of animal origin ( musk, civet , ambergris ) . These high aromatic , non-fat (thus not become rancid ) inherently volatile chemicals ( evaporate quickly ) and lighter ( less dense ) . They are insoluble in water, slightly soluble in vinegar , and soluble in alcohol, fats, waxes , and vegetable oils . Are oxidized by exposure to air . Were extracted over 150 types , each with its own unique flavor and healing properties . They come from common plants such as parsley and as exquisite as jasmine. To do their best, must come from natural raw ingredients and be as pure as possible .

Properties: All essential oils are antiseptic , but each has its specific virtues , for example can be analgesics, fungicides, diuretics or expectorants. The meeting of each oil component also acts together to give the oil a dominant feature. It can be as chamomile , refreshing as grapefruit , aromatic stimulant like rosemary or soothing like cloves .

                               In the body, the essential oils may act pharmacological, physiological and psychological mode. Usually produce effects on various organs (especially the organs ) and various functions of the nervous system.


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